How Much Is Debt On Pakistan? Here Are Some Terrifying Facts

Pakistan Holds Debt Of 18 Trillion PKR, How Much Big Is This Debt?
Terrifying Facts About Debt On Pakistan:
Terrifying Facts About Debt On Pakistan:

Every Pakistani knows that debt on Pakistan is huge. But how much it really is? Let’s look at it from different angles.

Debt on Pakistan is 18 Trillion PKR or 180000000000 PKR , which is equivalent to 180 Billion USD.

We are putting forward these facts after doing many calculations, brace yourself for really horrible disclosures.

Terrifying Facts About Debt On Pakistan:

Fact No. 1:  

You could wrap 100 rupee bills around the Earth 624 times with this debt amount! 

Yes, you read it right! Supposing that single 100 rupee bill is of length 5.5 inches and circumference of Earth is 40,075 km.. It makes 25146000 km when we place bills in front of each other. Which proves the above mentioned fact.

Fact No. 2:

You could cover 25146000 km if 100 rupee bills were placed in front of each other, it’s equivalent to 65.4 trips to moon and 5.96 Trips to sun!

Fact No. 3: 

If you lay $1 bills on top of each other to complete this debt they would make a pile 21,378 km, or 13284 miles high!

Fact No. 4:

Every Pakistani holds 98745 PKR Debt, supposing population of Pakistan 186,700,000.

Fact No. 5:

Pakistan pays 52,314 PKR every second interest on debts.

Fact No. 6:

Pakistan pays 1,649,730,175,914 PKR or 16.497 Billion USD interest every year.



These are some facts about debt on Pakistan which we concluded after doing a deep research.

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