Humans Have Built A “Bubble Barrier” Around Earth (Video)

"We are changing the world with technology."
Protecting bubble of low frequency waves
Protecting bubble of low frequency waves - Van Ellen Belt

In the modern-day world, we’ve a vast availableness of technology. we’ve created such technological advances in machines that are literally taking our jobs in factories – but, that’s not what we are going to mention today.

All of the technology we have made for communication including phones, modems, satellites, every device offers out electrical signals and impulses. We haven’t quite gotten a grasp of the consequences of those radio frequencies and signals as yet. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has discovered that these communication signals have created a virtual protecting bubble of low frequency waves round the earth.

The frequencies given off by our cellular phones are literally known as terribly low frequencies, or very low frequency radio communications. The very low frequency radio communications move towards space around the Earth. This affects the interaction of particles and radiations coming from space. Thus, making protecting bubble of low frequency waves round the Earth.

Protecting bubble of low frequency waves created by the very low frequency radio communications protects living things on Earth from natural high energy particle radiation coming from outer space. The protective bubble barrier can even be seen from far space. It was shot by NASA’s Van Allen Probes, which are sent into space for examination and research purposes.


Bubble Barrier of frequencies protecting earth

Van Ellen Belt Around The Earth Exhibiting Low Frequency Waves’ Bubble

“A range of experiments and observations have discovered that, beneath the correct conditions, radio communications signals within the very low frequency frequency, in fact, have an effect on the properties of the high-energy radiation surroundings round the Earth,” Aforesaid Phil Erickson, Assistant Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology rick Observatory, Westford, Massachusetts.

Signals transmitted from ground stations at vast powers to speak with submarines below the ocean’s surface and by the satellites around the Earth are the reason for the formation of protecting bubble of low frequency waves.
The protective fielding bubble was initial noticed by the craft, that studies electrons and ions within the close to earth surroundings.

Discovery comes from a robotic mission launched in 2012. They launched the mission to review the Van Allen Radiation belts. The information they received showed that the if there have been no very low frequency transmissions, the harmful radiation belts would have extended into our atmosphere.
In a nutshell, we have protected ourselves from harmful radiations by forming a protecting bubble of low frequency waves. Technology isn’t therefore as a whole dangerous for us.


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